Welcome to Journey of Young Women

The mission of Journey of Young Women is to help girls navigate the path from childhood to adulthood with intentionality, mentorship and joy.

 Red Thread Circles  are gatherings of women and girls in the tradition of the Red Tent or Moon Lodge:  taking refuge, replenishment and delight in each other’s company.  

Upcoming Circles: Beeswax Candle Dipping and Candles & Poetry.  Come with your mom, your daughter, a friend, or just you.   All welcome!

Intentional Parent Workshops Supportive community for parents of girls and boys, to grow our collective knowledge and skills to raise children who are emotionally, socially, spiritually and sexually healthy.  Join us Friday evening, January 6 for “Parenting With Wholeness: The Path of Sexual Development for Healthy Parents & Youth” with Teresa Riley-Baecker.  Hosted by City of Lakes Waldorf School.   
Totally Girlz EQ is a fun group for girls in grades 4 and 5.   We grow through friendship, creative expression, and action learning.  This year our focus is emotional intelligence or “EQ”.  We also learn about friendship skills, assertiveness, intuition, and a bit about puberty.  Eight Saturday mornings, November 5 – March 10.



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